Zaproszenie do udziału w 5-dniowym BIP’ie – Artificial Inteligence&You – Ryga

W imieniu naszego Partnera International College of Cosmetology from Riga zapraszamy studentów StANS do udziału w 5-dniowym BIPie (blended-intensive program) w dniach 3-7 lipca 2023. BIP TOPIC: Artificial Intelligence & You.

Wyjazd dofinansowany z Programu Erasmus+. Dodatkowych informacji udziela Koordynator Programu Erasmus+, dr Marta Telus ( 

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About the Program:

AI technologies have a wide range of applications and are being used in various industries, including healthcare, finance, transportation, and education.

The main objectives are
• recognize problems where Artificial Intelligence capabilities are relevant,
• exercise preferred basic AI capabilities; estimate the relevance of more sophisticated techniques,
• be involved in the design of procedures that operate brilliantly and understand from experience.

Methods and outcomes 
The course begins by describing what is Artificial Intelligence and what the latest generation of artificial intelligence techniques can actually do. Participants will be able to make informed decisions about which AI technologies to use for a given problem. The hands-on exercises will allow participants to gain practical experience with basic AI techniques.

Virtual Component Platform (ZOOM)

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Learning to know what is Artificial Intelligence, what is the concept of AI and how it is making our lives easier.